Employee Engagement and Empowerment                                                                                                                                                                                      by Jerry S. Siegel


Often organizations that require change and the development of new procedures, processes, strategies, structures and systems suffer from a lack of motivated and fully-engaged, empowered employees. Statistics continually show that almost 3/4 of all workers are not genuinely committed to the organization they work for. This emanates from the top of the organization. Executives and senior management must learn how to release power, resources and responsibilities to better motivate their employees. The reward for doing so is an engaged employee base where staff members are committed to achieving both individual and organizational goals, performing at their personal best levels, and driven to contribute to the organization’s overall success.


Empowered employees – individuals who feel confident to make decisions and take action – mirror good leaders. Having empowered people at all levels of the organization is the route to improving organizational results. This has been proven through many studies which have found that organizations with empowered employees have higher customer satisfaction, tend to be the industry innovators and market share leaders while experiencing much lower turnover because people enjoy their jobs. Everyone wants to be valued and appreciated.. In fact a sincere thank you from the leader is usually worth more than a few extra dollars. Among the most effective ways to empower employees are to ask for their ideas and suggestions, place them in self-directed work teams to encourage contributions from each team member, delegate specific responsibilities to each individual, cross-train staff to promote knowledge sharing and new skill building, and finally, survey your employees regularly enabling them to voice their opinions and offer suggestions for new processes or procedures. One of the best ways for empowering people is delegation. In addition, it helps the leader have time to focus on higher payoff activities.          Unfortunately leaders don’t delegate for many reasons. Among these are the lack of trust in their team. perfectionism and the need for control. However delegation is a win/win because most everyone wants to grow and become more valuable. The more they can contribute to the success of the organization, the better they feel about themselves. Instead of a chore, empowered employees see challenges.       Help yourself, your customers and your people. Engage and empower them to take ownership and feel they are part of the team. In addition to increasing productivity, your organization will be providing better service to your clients or customers.



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