Building a Foundation of Love Through the Art of Acting

heartSo today I am thinking about love as I do every day, every moment.  Love is very important. As the Beatles say “Love Is All You Need.” Love is what makes the world go around. Love makes us feel safe. Love makes us feel confident. Love makes us feel like we can climb a mountain. I love, LOVE. I love to give it and receive it. It’s magical, it’s healing. It gives us the gift of play.

 But without being grounded it is next to impossible to feel the love or to give it.  In the recent months many of my friends single/divorced/married seem to be out of sorts. Some of them can’t find a mate, some who have mates hate them, some have just lost one and can’t figure out why, some have mates just for sex because they can’t connect to love, some want love so badly but it just isn’t coming.  Our get togethers long phone conversations are filled with anxiety, sadness, pain, anger and list goes on and on. I can’t help but feel that they are all lacking love, love of the self and love of others. It’s not that it isn’t available. It’s all around them and I know for sure I love them. Do they feel it? I send it every day if I am with them or not. They just don’t know how to accept it, feel it or should I say love it.  

As an acting coach I truly believe it is because they aren’t grounded in themselves. They have no connection to who they really are and what they are truly feeling. I know when I’m not grounded I feel anxious, confused, unsafe and very alone. So many are not grounded in the moment. They are not able to work off the other person or people they come in contact with on a daily basis. They aren’t listening to themselves and others. They are afraid. They don’t have faith. They don’t believe in their circumstances. They don’t know what they want and if they did they don’t know how to get it. So how can they possibly obtain the love they want and need so badly?

You’ll think I’m crazy but a strong acting training will ground you. Ground you to your core. It will build a foundation that no one can shake must less knock down. Oh yeah, you will get hurt or feel lost at times but you will come back to your foundation, it lives in you once you get it. Once you work for it. It will not only help you find love for yourself and others but it will get you through difficult times you never thought you would survive. It has done this for me. Sometimes I wonder how I am still standing and how I am capable of loving with all my heart after my foundation has been shook over and over again and even cracked. It’s my acting training. It’s my strong grounded emotional life. It keeps me moving, it keeps me feeling, it keeps me dreaming, it keeps me taking risks with love.

It starts with repetition and the walls grow from there. Just simply being there with another human being and being there with yourself. Just learning to listen and learning to be with another person. Then the foundation begins and each layer there is a discovery which leads to grounding the self and grounding brings love.

Try it what have you got to lose.  Be brave and take an acting class with a coach who will help you build your foundation so you can become grounded in love. Love will make you grow, it will make you happy, it will make you feel comforted and it will make you feel like nothing is impossible.  And for children it will instill a self grounding that will last a lifetime.  Stay grounded and feel the love!

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