Connecting with your Loved Ones who have passed away for Comfort and Joy

As you may be aware from my bio, I am a psychic medium. As such I am able to help people by connecting them with their loved ones who have passed away. Although I was born with these abilities and was quite active as a young child, I, like many children, shut them down. I continued to live my life as what I refer to as a person with passive abilities versus active abilities. Although I had the occasional experience which I was unable to explain, it was not until 2004 that my abilities began opening up prompting me to enter into the study of these abilities and how to use them. Having experienced both sides of life, as a person with passive abilities and a person with active abilities, I much prefer being active. Part of what I do as a medium, is to validate the experiences of others. Frequently, clients will come to me having had contact with one of their loved ones but because they are at that time in their life, non active, they are unsure of whether the experience occurred or whether it was their imagination. Often during the reading, the spirit advises me of what happened, I relay that to the client and they then confirm it happened. The client is frequently relieved to hear validation and then even happier to hear that their loved one connected, whether it was for a visit or to provide assistance to the client in their everyday life.

When I lecture on the topic of connecting with our loved ones in the World of Spirit, most people ask how can they develop their own abilities. I tell them to develop a meditation practice and attend classes with experienced mediums, such as myself. Meditation is a practice which I have written about on this site before. It will improve physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. An aspect of developing a strong meditative practice is to raise your consciousness to a level where you are connecting not only to loved ones who passed away but also your higher self and the Divine. I strongly recommend meditation, for its benefits but also as a method to assist people who wish to develop their intuitive gifts.

For those who do not have active mediumistic gifts, they may still have experiences. So what are the ways our loved ones reach us if we are not practicing mediums? One way is through our dreams. Often times when we are asleep, our brain waves reach a level that a person in a meditative or trance state achieves, enabling them to communicate on different planes of consciousness. There is a name for this type of contact called after death communication. Often after a loved one has passed, a client will say they had a dream where the loved one came in and unlike most dreams, this was a different experience. Usually there is no emotion attached or fear during the encounter, it feels natural. The client may however feel some fear afterwards when faced with the uncertainty of whether it was real. Understanding that it can happen, often alleviates that fear. So, for those of you who have had this type of experience, understand it can happen and your loved ones often draw near in times when you are upset in order to bring comfort. They may also be present during celebratory times as well as everyday moments.

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