When I made a wishes either by blowing out candles on my BD cake or throwing coins into a fountain, I always wished for the same two things. No, I didn’t wish for Mr. Right or mansions on both coasts or the most expensive cars. I always wished for the same 2 things. To be happy and to live to my potential. It’s impossible to count how many times I asked/wished to “be happy” and to “live to my potential” but you can imagine the number is high!

Well, 15 years ago, I received a road map to the ANSWERS I’d been searching for. However, the ANSWERS were nothing like what I IMAGINED!

For instance, I thought that marriage to someone I was “deeply in love with” was an ingredient for happiness. I thought that owning a home in an upscale neighborhood was another ingredient for happiness. I thought that skiing in Switzerland and the French Alps was another ingredient for happiness. Traveling to Paris and Rome would make me happy, for sure! I KNEW that having lots of money would make me happy.

Are YOU with me?

But the joke was on me! The Universe watched as I actively chased everything I thought would bring a lasting feeling of happiness. But the feeling came and went, very quickly. I could not sustain my happiness and that is what I wanted more than anything. I was tired of getting into arguments, I was tired of being irritated when the wind shifted, I was tired of traveling on an emotional roller coaster! It was a pattern of one day I was in a good mood the next day I was in a “bad mood.” I knew something was missing, but what?

That’s it! I told myself. I’m without a purpose. I began feverishly searching for a purpose, MY purpose. I spent over a decade searching. Why am I here? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? I knew there had to be something more. I instinctively knew there was SOMETHING more but whatever it was, it eluded me.

Looking back, I was searching for a FEELING. A feeling of lasting contentment, a feeling of peace, a feeling that touched my soul and reassured me I was ok just the way I was. A feeling that stayed with me. A feeling that I’m loved unconditionally, no matter what! No matter what I did or didn’t do, no matter what I accomplished or didn’t accomplish. A feeling that could not be taken or held hostage by anyone other than me. But that feeling could not be found, and more importantly, sustained by anything man-made. No, the feeling I was searching for could only be created and sustained by the same power that created this Universe.

Almost 2 decades ago I began my journey. The journey that would lead me to the reason for my existence. The journey that would lead me to what I now CRAVE. (I’m so dramatic!) I have to warn you, this journey is not a cake walk but the reward is HEAVEN on earth. To complicate the matter, this journey can only be made alone and what’s WORSE is the journey required a lot of face time in the mirror.

I believe there are Universal LAWS that produce a CAUSE and EFFECT in every aspect of our lives. For example, we become what we THINK about. We also GET what we think about. Like attracts like. Feeling grateful is one of the secrets to happiness. Think about it…you can’t be angry and grateful and the same time. You have the option to choose which emotion you want to feed! Isn’t that exciting? We have the choice, and we’ve always had the choice because the Universe ALWAYS gives us a choice.

The fact is everything is made of energy. We are ENERGY! All energy vibrates at a certain frequency. We are constantly vibrating which means whatever we set our vibration to, we will receive. This is GREAT news because it exposes how much power we truly have!

My purpose is “To create memories that HEAL and INSPIRE others to have FUN, be themselves, seek the TRUTH, and LOVE HARDER!” rln

My intention is to share what I’ve discovered on the subject of happiness. HEAVEN on earth IS possible…and I can prove it. I have thousand of examples to share with anyone and everyone that is interested in an alternative way to LIVE!


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