The mystics have been perfectly normal people. (Thank God! rln) They did not think of themselves as mystics, that was merely their language…and calling. It was natural to

them–perfectly normal. They have been people like Jacob Boehme, a cobbler, pegging away at his shoes, who, looking up, saw in the geranium plant the reflection of the Cosmos–the very soul of God. Or like Jesus, looking into the heart of nature and Moses, reading God’s Law from a burning bush.

The teaching of the mystics has been that there should be conscious courting of the Divine Presence. There should be a conscious receptivity to It, but a balanced one. As one of the Apostles said, in substance, that he would rather speak ten words with his understanding than ten thousand with confusion. “God is not the author of confusion but of peace.” The mystics have been intensely and pre-eminently sane people, sound people. (Thank God…again! rln)

It is through the teaching of the illumined that the Spiritual Universe reveals Itself, imparting to us what we know about God. What we directly experience ourselves, and what we believe other have experienced, is all we can know about God.

Jesus taught a Power transcendent, triumphant, absolute, positive message, against which lesser laws meant nothing. By Its very Presence It heals.

The mystics did not, and do not, contend or argue with people. There was nothing to argue about. THEY SAW and KNEW. Mystics are the great revealers to man, the nature of the Universe, and the relationship of man to God!


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