Too Much Blush

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I grew up on Long Island, so I know about Blush and Bronzers.

These days New Jersey is in the Spotlight for scary bronzer and blush, but Long Island has long held the title…too Much Blush!!

And, placed in Crazy spots – from “the Racing stripe look” to “Cupie Doll”. Or, the worst of all the, “ok, I look to look like I just got a sunburn”.

So to all my lovely ladies out there, and a few Guys, too, I say STOP! Read! Think! and LEARN!

Is there a right way to do it?


So let’s talk about that and then some favorites of mine.

First, get yourself in front of a mirror and Smile. See the apple of your cheek. Place your middle finger and second finger on the side of your nose. Smile. The apple should be just behind the second finger.

Now, with a rounded dome roped blush brush, take your brush across the blush. Do this in a rounded stroke and tap off excess (Do not Blow on your brush, a great way spread germs).

Lightly apply the blush halfway from your lower lid to the roundest part of your cheek. Smile. Make sure you don’t brush your blush right to your earlobe. We don’t want the Racing stripe, OK?

Again take your two fingers in front of your ears. Generally I add a bit of a highlight under the eye area just above that blush line and on the jaw line to raise those cheeks up! (I often call that my “Mrs.Paul’s Create-A-Cheekbone – like the create a sauce with the Fish Sticks …ok, that dates me!).

What about color?

Remember — our skin tones are warm and cool.

So, no Pink blush on a golden skin tone go Copper or corals if you are rose toned.

Stay pink or Mauve (pronounced MAWVVAh)

If you are more olive think plums and berries

But, no matter what, remember a light hand! This is blush, not a Slap in the Face!

Not sure what color still? Peach is the universal best! The best selling Peach on the Planet is Nars brand, color name: Orgasm! It has been imitated by every other company, from Maybeline to YSL.

I have found a great one called Sparkling Rose’ which I have at Frasada and I am Happy to show it to you.

Remember, Why look Good when You can Look Great!!

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