Eye Cream, Eye Sore, Eye Contour!

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Et Tu, Brute’!!

I was so Inspired By Elizabeth Taylor in “Cleopatra”. But did you know that Cleopatra herself was actually a true Beauty expert? When she met Julius Caesar she was about 17 and he was 52 and all those years out in the sun made his eye area look cracked and dry. Apparently, Cleo whipped up a potion of milk curd, passion fruit, lemon and honey to apply to the area (milk solids, lemon and passion fruits are the basics for alpha hydroxyl, hmmmmm…). At any rate, Caesar was very vain and started to use what I will call one of the very first recorded eye creams.

Throughout the centuries, moisturizer and eye creams became two of the most popular treatments people gravitated to and used in their daily lives. I am 53 and my eye area is pretty line-free, I attribute that to using eye cream since I was about 23 years old (thirty years, yikes!!!). I started with one I found in a health food store, it was Queen Helene’ a royal Jelly Eye Jelle’. I saw that my eye area looked better than my friend’s did and I shared the wealth, they started to use it too.

Several years later, I became a make-up artist at The World Famous Georgette Klinger Salon and Spa. Mrs Klinger introduced me to her favorite Eye Cream, a gooey, sticky, Vaseline jelly-like substance. Made of wheatgerm oil, lanolin rose oil and petroleum jelly. It was school bus yellow and very heavy, but it did the trick. I loved it and I used it for almost 18 years and my Eyes still look great. But when I left Georgette Klinger and went back out into the Cosmic Cosmetic world I found so many other wonderful eye products. One of the first ones I loved was Dior eye cream. It firmed and kept the eye area moist. That’s an Important point.

How do you know what you need? I say it’s about your age and the condition of your eye area and your individual needs.

How do you place Eye cream? With a small spatula or the tip of a clean coffee stirrer you dip it into the eye cream and take out a green pea sized portion. You then spread half of the portion onto the pad of your ring finger right above the ring which separates the first knuckle. Rub your left and right ring fingers together to warm the eye cream up. Apply by patting – not rubbing – it gently from just at the temple bone to under the mid socket area just about midway under the eye. Pat gently, there are no pores on the skin under the eye and as you know it is very thin, about 2 to 3 mils thick (like tissue paper) so be very gentle.

What the eye cream primarily does is lubricate the eye area and help hold in the moisture (remember to spritz a little Rose water before applying any moisturizer or eye cream so you give the skin a drink). That was something my mentor the late Georgette Klinger taught me, and I pass it on to everyone I teach about skincare. I always feel G.K.’s spirit around me and I know she’s looking down on me from that Eternal Spa and smiling.

Now that you know how to apply the eye cream, when do you use it? All the experts who taught me
said to use eye cream when your eyes are most active, during the daytime. Studies show if you apply eye cream at nigh,t a great deal of it ends up on your pillow and creeps into your tear ducts as you sleep. This could cause puffy eyes in the morning which will send your running into your bathroom to apply more. Judge your eye cream by your age and condition of your eye area, this is where you will want to talk to a professional (and that’s what I’m here for). Contact me and send me a good picture. Talk to me I will be delighted to help you, after all I am committed to helping one million people in 2012.

Why Look Good when You can look Great

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