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Fashion Trends come and go. Fashion week was bathed in wines bejeweled in amethysts running wild, cooking with deep eggplants and blooming with passion fruit!

That’s great …

But, did you know purple is a color that has a shade for just about everyone? Sadly, it is the color that most often has components that you could be allergic to. As a Make-Up artist I see that everyday. So the color purple can really give you the blues…

The worst part is an allergy test on the wrist (by putting the product on the skin and covering it over night) won’t really be effective. Your wrist might not be allergic but your eyes or face might.

I found this out the hard way, long ago. Back in 1986 I worked for a makeup manufacturer and noticed that, when clients were returning eye pencils or eyeshadows they were most often purple. I was curious as to why, so I did some research.

In purple colors there is an incredient called Cambium. Cambium red and cobalt blue or ultra marine or other blue/red ingredients can cause irritation if you are allergic. I find that no one is completely non-allergic. So, what do we do? My best practice — put your eyes into neutral and smokey tones. And, of course, if you have any questions, ASK Michael! I do have 35 years experience and am sure I can help.

On August 20th at the Jacob Javits Center we are launching the BE xtraordinary™ – the Michael K. Waterman Collection – makeup line! You’ll be able to purchase it right here on the site! Keep “an eye out”!

Remember, Why Look Good If you can Look Xtraordinary!

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