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Well, it’s September and there’s that snap in the air today. I decided to share some of the Questions I received with you all!

My mom recently, had a few small skin cancers removed from her face. She asked me what to do to further prevent sun damage. I told her first to make sure she used an effective sun block ( SPF 15+) and that the best sun blocks were, in my opinion, physical sun block ( zinc /titanium ) which are effective against both UVA and UVB rays. Note: We are all different, but a good rule of thumb is to always re-apply sun block at least every two hours to exposed areas. Just putting it on once does not ensure protection. Sun block does wear off.

I also recommend that you wear foundation which will act as another layer of sun block. But, make no mistake, this too will wear off, so make sure you are protected!! In this case Mom, your son knows best!

  • A client wrote me: “Michael, Help!! My skin texture is so uneven, what do I do?” And she said she didn’t want to use 20 different products!!

Well, I found a foundation which is a foundation and primer together. (I recommend a primer to aid in diminishing the appearance of surface lines, larger pores, uneven skin texture, and it can help minimize skin discoloration). I found Stila to have the best of all. Stila’s one step foundation and primer and has excellent coverage and addresses many of the issues I mentioned. Try it. You will be pleasantly surprised.

  • A young Man (we’ll call him Juan) wrote me about a common problem: Razor burn and Shave bumps.

I discovered 2 companies which have excellent men’s shaving products proven to aid in these problems. I recommend both the Jack Black and Anthony men’s skincare lines to address shaving concerns.

If the razor bumps are severe I also recommend “Tend skin” a product designed specifically to conquer razor burn, shave bumps and is also excellent after waxing for both Women and Men. It heals and cools the burn.

So, here were the responses to 2 – one women’s and one men’s skin care questions. But, you know, men have written me with Make-Up Questions, too. Come on Guys, fess up!!

What is the Number One Male Make –Up question? Guess…? Give Up??

Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes…!

Which, by the way, is one of the most asked question by women too (So Guys RELaaax!!) you got company!!

There are many causes for Dark circles. Chiefly the Oxygen poor blood in the Venus Capillaries (Capillaries attached to veins) they look purple or blue. So they are darker and show through the thinner skin around the eye area.

A few weeks ago I was in a drugstore and checked out a product by Garnier, an eye roller to help reduce dark circles and puffy eyes. I chuckled. It was inexpensive, and I thought,” Oh, what the Heck” – so I bought it and tried it, and – well, I gotta tell you, it really works!!

I used it on many clients with amazing results. Not only does it feel cool, but it does take down puffy eyes considerably, and it does reduce dark circles! Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!! (And you thought Gomer Pyle was gone, I know)!

And what about make up to cover, them as well? Here’s a few I recommend: If you are a mineral makeup fan, I recommend “Well Rested” by Bare Minerals. If you like liquids, try the little squeeze tube concealers by “smash box” (the grandchildren of Max Factor, the original cosmetic icon.

If you must do cream concealers, the best I ever found are by a hard to find company called “the Bomb” and they are “Da Bomb” alright! I never found anything so effective.

So, what’s your Question? Talk to Me! Ask Me!

You know what I say, “Why look good if you can look great!” Now, I don’t just want you to look GREAT – I want you to Be Extraordinary™ with my own new, custom-designed line, BE Extraordinary™ – the Michael K. Waterman Collection created in collaboration with Time to Play! This is the beginning of my goal – my wish to help the world be beautiful, to help 1 million people look and feel good about themselves.

I have designed three custom color looks with products just right for your coloring and designed to be a perfect “to go” kit. The right colors for you ready to go! (See the kits by clicking here). And we’ve even included directions on how to use them!

And you always have me, Michael, too! You know you can always “Ask Michael”! Thousands have for over 35 years – so, got a question? Ask Michael!

Till next time, don’t forget to Enjoy Life!

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