Make-up Choices Closed Captioned for the Cosmetically Challenged

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As a Make-up Professional I see it every day. A client comes to me… dazed.

“Michael, H E L P!!!! What colors are my Best Colors???!!” Ok, I say. Let’s start with the basics… skin tone,hair and eye color. By the way, in this article we’re speaking of colors, which men can apply to clothing colors, based on their color palette, as well.

Once we see where you are, it’s simple (I always create a color palette for my clients).

Is your skin tone a yellow base? (gold or olive tones) OR are you a blue base. Are you a rosy skin tone? Do you have a lavender under tones (I do)? Or are you somewhere in the middle?

If you are more Golden or Olive your skin tones are Warm: You are best in autumn tones. Look for coppers, bronzes, yellow golds, warm browns, burnt carrot, warm corals, caramel colors.

If you can tan but you are a warm blonde or chestnut brunette: warm reddish, browns, look to warm pastel colors.

If you have light pinky skin and burn easily, look to cool bright or cool deep jewel tones.

Here’s a surprise: if you have pale olive skin and dark hair – those deep jewel tones will look best on you, too!

Still not sure? Ask Michael!

I am here to be your color knight in colored armor. Send me a picture — you can load it right into the forum! And let me help you find the right colors for you.

By the way… there is one more category, and they are the most difficult to pin down. They are the Chameleons of the cosmetic cosmos.

The NEUTRALS – when I first started working as a makeup artist, this category drove me crazy (I blame them for my hair loss — well, not really — it’s genetic, I look like my dad).

The neutral palette is also broken up into cool neutral and warm neutral — if that sounds complicated, it can be! Neutral cool can look amazing in cool browns, charcoals, deep mauves. Warm Neutrals can do beiges, wheat tones, beach colors, sands.

That’s just a taste of the color palates.

Remember this: ANYONE can wear ANY color so long as it is the RIGHT TONE/SHADE for you.

And, that’s where “Ask Michael” can be a good tool for you.

Why look good when you can look Great™ 

Till next time, be well!

Michael k Waterman

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