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Back in the 1960’s there was a product with aNew Concept. The product was called Psssssst ” instant Spray shampoo”. Back then it got mixed reviews. From “eh” to “ok”…. And it fizzled away.

Well, let’s Jump ahead to 2010. Suddenly, Dry Shampoo is All the Rage (psssst… Everything old is New Again!!) There are a bunch out there, but I know of two stand outs.

  • #2 to me is Oscar Biondi they have a couple of different sizes and a sprinkle powder (which clients complained was messy), and the spray which has a scent which reminded me of lemon pledge, not unpleasant, but do you want to smell like a cocktail table?
  • My favorite is 7 seconds dry shampoo by Unite. It has almost no scent (we love that) and it dries on contact. You simply shake the canister spray towards the roots and brush out to clean and degrease the hair, a great way to cleanse in between shampoos, remove excess product build up and just general road dirt.

Do you love the way your hair looks after you’ve been in the ocean? Sea salt is a natural styling product, but, many of us can’t get to the beach all the time. There are some great sea spray products:

Surf Spray By Bumble and Bumble and Sea Spray by Aquage are two of the top ones.

Another great summer idea is Goldwell’s SPF Summer sunblock line to protect your hair now. You can do bettter than just wearing a hat, there are masks, sprays and leave-in conditioners by Gold Well which have both field (client tested) and clinical proven results, which are most important now, especially with all the various chemical treatments we do, from color, to keratin, to straightening, to perming, blow dryers, flat irons, curling irons — it is extremely important to protect your hair through the use of products which can prevent pre-mature stripping of color and aid in protection of the hair against all the things we do to it.

Most important of all to is to check with your stylist and colorist. They know your hair and what is best for it.

Sometimes people just run to the cheaper brand BECAUSE IT’S CHEAPER! But, often, you do, unfortunately, get what you didn’t want. The “cheaper brands” often have odd cover fragrances to mask the smell of inferior ingredients, and your results may be disappointing.

Why make it rough on yourself? Ask for help! And, of course, you can “ASK MICHAEL“!

After all, “Why look Good when you can Look Great!”™

Till next time — All Smiles!

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