Mask, Peels, Action!

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There are a thousand different reasons use skin treatments and thousands of different products…literally thousands! So what products are right for you (Acne, Aging, Cleansing etc.)? Well first, what is the condition of your Skin? To better understand this you should talk to a skin professional.

I have been in this business 35 years and the Ask Michael Discussion Forum will help you…so ask me! When we speak I can help diagnose what the condition of your skin is. I would begin with a few starter questions which will help us to determine whether your skin is oily, normal, dry, sensitive, or a combination of those. We also would have to consider your age and how you care for your skin. No matter what condition it’s in, you need to have some kind of Cleansing Product (Make-Up Remover Skin Cleanser), a Skin Toner, and some sort of moisturizer. Oily skin types need an oil-free moisturizer so that the oily areas do not over produce oil, which then can clog pores. The truth is, oily skin is thirsty for hydration, just as dry skin is. However, the dryer skin is less likely to break out because it does produce less oil. Also, do not listen to the old generalizations saying that oily skins are younger and dryer skins are older, that is not true.

So what about “normal” skin, what is that? Normal skin I would say is PH Balanced skin (the right amount of oily to dry). Chemically balanced skin, it’s what we all desire. Do you break out easily, feel dry or just hurts in general and yet your skin reads as “normal”? This could be a sensitive skin issue, one of the hardest conditions to work with. The basic approach to dealing with this is to cleanse, balance, moisturize, treat, protect and maintain. I always recommend facials. At least four a year, but if you don’t have time you should start working with masks. They are beneficial and also fun. Masks are our “me time”. There are masks to hydrate, to exfoliate, to do whatever the condition of your skin requires. The secret to all masks is to find which ones are best for the condition of your skin. Remember everyone is going respond differently and no two skins act the same, even on twins.

“Skin is as unique as a snowflake, each must be treated individually”,so said my mentor Miss Georgette Klinger. For 69 years her salons set the standard for outstanding skincare. I salute you Madame! Miss Klinger passed in 2004 and I could not have had a better teacher. Come test my experience, you will be pleased with my expertise!

After all why look Good when you can look Great!

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