Don't Give Me That Lip! Oh, what winter cold and wind does to the lips. Unkissable! What to do? Exfoliate, hydrate and protect!

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There are so many great lip exfoliators out there. What are they and what do they do? Well, when the lips get dry, chapped, cracked and wind burned, the best thing to make them look and feel better is to slough off the dead skin to help aid in healing and to encourage the new healthier skin to emerge (kind of like spring flowers).

Some of the brands I love are Burts Bees (inexpensive and effective) and Tart (my personal favorite). Tart’s lip exfoliator has sugar crystals on one side too buff off the dead skin cells and a bees wax lip moisturizer on the other side it not only exfoliates, but hydrates, protects and moisturizes.

I love that (the tart lip exfoliator/moisturizer is colorless and guys, if you take it out of its wrapper, it just looks like a fancy chap stick). But if the guys still need it to look more masculine, there is a great lip moisturizer/exfoliator by Jack Black (no not the Comic/Actor). Then we have the pricey ones. Of those, my absolute favorite is from “Sugar “. It is all natural and made from sugar (no calories!). They created a lip exfoliating/moisturizing system it has 3 steps. An exfoliator, a lip hydrator and SPF 15 lip protecting treatment. All of the above are available at SEPHORA.

So, maybe you are a “do-it-yourselfer” and you want a home remedy. Mix a half a teaspoon of vegetable oil with a teaspoon of raw sugar, this will make a crystal paste. Use this to rub the excess dead skin off, gently roll the mix around on the lips. ***** Do not be rough, baby your lips!!****. Next, use plain old Vaseline and let it sit about 5 minutes. Blot it off and stick on a lips stick or gloss (try to find one with SPF 15). I do have them and I can help you find them no matter where you are. Remember that I ship everywhere so that your lips are once again smooth, soft and refreshed.

Come here now you can give me those lips! ((((kiss))))

Ah, that’s better.

And remember– why look good when you can look great(tm)!

Till next time…


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