Spring Had Sprung! And it's Allergy season. Hey, it ain't just pollen you have to worry about!

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Long ago I discovered that pigments can be major allergies. You can get all red from cabmium red and pheolin, or cobalt blue can really give you the blues (and you are sticking it in your eyes in pencils or on your lids). And it’s not just the Eyes that have it.

Did your lips ever peel from A lipstick or a gloss? Oh, yeah! Color can be a real problem! Violet can cause a violent reaction (blue and red). It’s really no joke!

I remember working in Bloomingdales for the Japanese company “Intellegent Skincare”. They had the most beautiful make-up I ever used. But I noticed people having reactions to the Pink and Blue shades of eye shadows and eye pencils. And, worse were the purples!!

What was it? I was curious, so I asked a cosmetic chemist friend. We broke down the products to their elements, and, sure enough, it was either the blue or red pigments. I found least reactions to greys, greens, taupes, browns, silvers, coppers, ecrew, white and black.

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