So, my advice is to (on clean skin) do a color test. How do you do that?

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On your arm or wrist, clean the area and dry it completely. Apply a stripe of color to the area. Cover it with tape or a band-aide overnight. The next day, look at the test. If the skin patch shows irritation we know that color is chemically not for you. My mentor, Miss Georgette Klinger, once said, “Sometimes the colors we love don’t love us back”. She meant that not only tone or shade-wise, but the chemistry of the “Make-up” might not jive with your skin’s chemistry.

And, this is the rule for all complexion products as well (primers, foundations, concealers, highlighters, blush, bronzers, etc., etc.). Miss Klinger was ahead of her time with so very much.

If you are still uncertain, “Ask Michael”. I’m glad to help. I have been putting on happy faces for over 34+ years and

I love my Work. And just to think it all started because someone once put the wrong colors on me in a play. I went into her box and changed my look and my life. I no longer wanted to be an Actor — No! I was about to discover my passion — Make-up!

I love what I do, and it’s why I always say. “Why look Good when you can look Great!” ™

Till next time — Love to you all, please Ask Michael — I am always here to help!

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