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When I first started getting involved with make -up “powder” meant loose or pressed finishing powder or the pressed compact powder or cake powder foundations. Everybody liked like porcelain and faces if not hydrated literally cracked off. Believe me, “flakey” had a completely different meaning. It could be literal.

I’m laughing and remembering a “lunch room lady” in Turtle Hook Junior High School in Uniondale, New York. She was a tall, stout, brassy blonde with a sour puss which was pasted over with thick, pancak make-up, very heavy ice blue eyeshadow, she wore that odd reddish brown Maybeline eyebrow pencil (medium brunette), loud pink lipstick and a strange pink powder Blush. I remember the first time I saw her. I came home and told my Mom (who Never wore make-up like that!). She explained that “some ladies like to put make-up on like that to look “dressed up”. Ohhh, I thought. Yuck!! She looked like a mummy all dry and cracked. I never forgot her or how bad that looked.

So, let’s jump ahead 25 years. I was working at Georgette Klinger at 501 Madison Ave. We were given a new Powder Mineral foundation by “Glow Minerals”. At first I hated the concept, but the effect was so natural and had great coverage. I was astounded. I became known company-wide for my ability to mix the powders and get a very natural look.

Fast Forward! In 2005 I began my “affair” with Bare Minerals. At first I was reluctant to try it — but, it’s like broccoli. You’ll love it if you try it (I love broccoli!). I fell in love with the Bare Minerals and Mineral-based make ups.

Why? First of all smooth even perfect coverage. Second, a topical natural SPF (Zinc & Titanium). Most are either SPF 15 or 20. SPF 15 is total block ( remember you do need to apply sunblock at least every 2 hours). There are various powder Sunblocks from MD skincare, Bare Minerals, and Clinique, to name just a few. Most are SPF 15 or 20 or higher. Remember the powders have the advantage, they are physical Sunblocks and the Chemical Sunblocks take time to go into the skin and activate (sort of like the old story “wait 1hour before going in to the water after you have eaten”).

Chemical Sunblocks need about 20 minutes to fully activate and “take” on the skin. Also, I. Have noticed, if you are going to be allergic to a sunblock, more often I have seen reactions to the chemical sunblocks rather than the mineral which are afterall derived from pure, natural minerals The powder Sunblocks come tinted or clear. Either way your skin is smoother looking and protected.

Need Help choosing one? ASK Michael. I am always here to help all my friends.

“Why look Good when you can look Great!” ™

Till next time – I Am Michael K. Waterman

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