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I am often told when I am doing make-up, “well, I always use. . . “

Well, if you’ve always used the same lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, foundation, etc., etc. for the last 25 years. . . you might just be dating yourself (and that’s lonely!). I’m not suggesting that you should throw out the whole look, but if you look like someone out of the 1970’s and you’re in your 50s, we gotta talk!

Our skin changes. Color, texture, elasticity. The eyes change. Brow shapes and styles change. I can tell when a woman first started to use makeup sometimes by what’s in her handbag.

Look at current celebs. We’ll use Lady Ga Ga — she’s good for an example. I love her, but she’s a bit extreme. Look at a celeb with your coloring, age range and someone whose look you like. I can help you achieve “that look”. Just ask Michael (see above link to ask me a question!).

Let’s see what eyes and lips (the most tramatic differences) can do to change your look, even a little, to update your colors.

So, ask me.

I can create a look we will both like. Make-up is like cooking. I have my recipes and you are gonna add your own spece to make that look your own, which is the way it should be. And, working together, I can create a formula which can work with you (as you are) and your work, your lifestyle and your individual point of view.

So, don’t be left out in the cold. Be the best possible, beautiful you!

Why look good when you can look great! ™

Until next week! I’m Michael – ask me!

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