New Zealand: Modern city combines with the raw power of nature

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What comes to mind when I say New Zealand?682_4465232749298_1747826053_n  smaller

Having just returned from New Zealand, I will tell you what words I would use…

  • Sunshine,
  • Nature,
  • Warm, friendly people,
  • Cosmopolitan cities,
  • and Scenic Beauty!

We had such an amazing trip. Thank you to the folks at Air New Zealand who provided the air and Tourism New Zealand, our hosts for the 5 day land portion of our trip. We won this trip in a Cruise Planners contest and they took us on an amazing journey!

We added on a cruise to our itinerary, because we didn’t want to go so far without taking advantage of all there was to see. The cruise gave us a more detailed touring of New Zealand and a couple of bonus days in Australia. Next time, I would add a couple more days in beautiful Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef. You really need 3-4 weeks to see New Zealand and Australia.

On the trip, I had every intention on blogging (not bragging) about the trip on a regular basis. We were so busy on sightseeing excursions, that I didn’t have a moment to sit and write about it. I also found that the cost of using wifi was expensive. One fact that you must know about New Zealand before you go (spoiler alert!), it’s very expensive to buy goods and services there. My advice would be to prepay or budget for excursions and dining out. A tube of suntan lotion was $15US. We don’t feel that this should stop you from going, just be aware of this and plan accordingly.

If you are staying in Auckland, we recommend the SkyCity Hotel. It’s a fantastic hotel and we highly recommend experiencing the revolving Orbit Restaurant at sunset. The dining room rotates once every hour, providing a truly unique experience and amazing 360-degree views of Auckland City. Auckland reminded Chris and I of Newport, Rhode Island. The view was truly spectacular.

The modern city combines with the raw power of nature in New Zealand – the remoteness, the wildness and the peace. As seen in Milford Sound & Doubtful Sound on the South Island. Once described by author, Rudyard Kipling as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. Sheer cliffs rise vertically upward from the ocean. They are absolutely breathtaking! We couldn’t compare it to any scenery that we’ve seen before. There is nothing like it in the US. Guidebooks say Milford Sound & Doubtful Sound are similar to the fiords of Norway.

If you consider yourself a traveler, or want to be, then this is the ultimate once in a lifetime experience for you. If New Zealand is in your future or it’s on your bucket list, call us @ (631) 893-4232 so we can use our experience to guide you and to get you the most out of your vacation dollars. Korte Travel Online


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