A goal can be defined as a dream with a deadline and a plan of action. To help reach
your goals, visualization is powerful because we can obtain what we “see” more
easily. So start by visualizing in great detail every aspect of what you want to
achieve. Then think about the short term goals that you need to accomplish to reach
the final goal.
     The next step is writing the goals. A written goal is much more likely to
be achieved than a goal only in your head. It has been proven that writing
crystallizes thought and thought motivates action. People with written goals far
outperform their peers. The shorter term goals can be part of your plan of action.
Write the goal in specific measurable terms and set a target date or a deadline.
     Next detail the benefits you will gain and/or the losses you will avoid by reaching the goal.
These are the only two reasons people take action to reach a goal. Reading these
weekly will keep you motivated and prevent the obstacles, roadblocks and setbacks
from preventing you from giving up. It isn’t going to be easy or overnight but
remember there are only two reasons for not reaching a goal – not starting or not
finishing. Surround yourself with positive people and circumstances that will inspire
you to keep moving forward toward your goal. Read as much as you can about the
topic, consider alternative strategies and review both the failures and successes of
others in the same field. When challenges arise (which they will) face them head on
and work through them. Achieving the short term goals will also provide additional
motivation because success breeds success. Make sure you fully believe you are
capable of accomplishing your goal and recognize that it may take some time.
     I havefound that there are 3 P’s essential for success in goal setting. These are Patience,
Persistence and Perseverance. Your target date can always be changed because it
was only a guesstimate when originally set. With effort and action you can do and/or
have what you want. Believe and you can make your dreams come true.
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Authored by: Denise Rodriguez

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