Divorce and “Hurricane Sandy”

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As I sat on the couch reading while the storm progressed, I was taken back to another turbulent and uncertain time in my life which felt somehow similar; my divorce. As I encouraged myself to remain calm in the face of the storm, the fierce sound of the wind and the rain rattling my home, shook my confidence as well. The analogy became crystal clear, because it elicited the same vaguely panicky feeling in the pit of my stomach.

In preparation for “Sandy,” much like my divorce, I had done what I could do to be ready. I had procured my flashlights, candles, and nonperishable foods. I had filled up large pots and my bathtub with water. I had cancelled all appointments to stay safe indoors. But still, the anxiety and uncertainty crept into my being when I felt my vulnerability inside of the old, original French doors of my home.

I had done what I could to prepare for my divorce as well. I had followed my attorney’s instructions down to the last paperwork detail. I had consulted with a financial professional. I had disposed of photos and items that would potentially disturb my “moving on” process. But still, the anxiety and uncertainty crept into my being when I felt my vulnerability in an unknown life, different than I had ever expected or anticipated.

So, if you’re out there weathering the storm or coping with divorce, know that you’re not alone and that your feelings are perfectly normal and understandable. Even as you feel the anxiety, try to see the opportunity in the face of challenge. For me, during the storm, I took the opportunity to connect with loved ones, check on them, and let them know that I care. I prepared a hot breakfast for my family and ate it leisurely. I got to catch up on all the episodes of Homeland, finally bringing me up to date!

Similarly, but much more profoundly, through the challenge of my divorce, I deepened my relationship with my children, launched a brand new career which I love as a Professional Life Coach, and developed a new intimate relationship which ultimately led me to marry my true soulmate and love of my life.

In both situations, I seized the opportunity to connect spiritually, and to pray with improved consciousness.

I’m sure that I won’t be as chipper if we lose power, but I will try to tap into my inner reserves of strength and search carefully for the opportunity within the challenge. I hope you will too.

Addendum: We did lose power, and it did take my “chipperness” down a notch (or two), but opportunity seized as promised: Great neighborhood sushi place was open with huge TVs – totally awesome! Got home to find power restored and reached out to those in need to come on over – better than awesome; priceless!

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