Seller Beware!

 – You’re thinking of selling your house and mention it to a neighbor.  The neighbor calls you the next day and says maybe their daughter or other family member may want to buy the house.


– Your family knows you are going to sell your home and a relative all of a sudden brings investors they know to offer on your home, insisting an appraisal or market analysis of your home’s current value isn’t necessary.  


– A real estate agent tells you they can sell your house quickly with no need to enlist the cooperation of all the agents working your neighborhood through the local multiple listing service.


When selling a home, most homeowners #1 goal –  to sell it for the most money in the shortest time, with the least amount of inconvenience.  The three scenarios above – which commonly occur, by the way – may present a quick, easy solution for many homeowners.  Especially when faced with what appears to be the complexities of selling a house today, having a buyer ready to purchase can seem so appealing.


Let’s look, however at what is usually a homeowner’s #1 goal – to sell for the highest price possible.  I therefore caution sellers to beware of the above situations (there are others similar).  Each of the above scenarios involve very limited or no exposure of the home to the broad market of buyers.  The only way to truly test what is the highest price an informed buyer will pay is to formally market a property through various listing services and websites, attracting qualified, able and ready-to-purchase buyers.  The market works very efficiently and buyers with their agents can access all homes for sale that meet their criteria, thereby making informed purchase decisions.


It is also most important for a seller to get a Broker’s Price Opinion, Comparative Market Analysis or even an appraisal (involves a fee for the appraisal).  Choosing the right price range at which to market a home is crucial.  When priced right a homeowner will see multiple offers and can choose the most qualified buyer while keeping the others in back-up position in case the first buyer does not perform.  This prevents a homeowner from being delayed or disappointed by the only buyer who has seen their home.


 To sell a home for the highest price in the shortest period of time with the least amount of inconvenience, it is most important to choose a highly experienced real estate agent with an excellent track record of closed sales.  That agent will help you determine an accurate, competitive asking price and create an in-depth marketing plan customized to reach the market of buyers for your home.  Skilled at negotiation, your agent will work the prospective buyers to generate the highest possible offer – and in the shortest period of time with the least amount of inconvenience!!


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