My Multi-generational Experience at Disney


Disney MagicI just finished the Disney Agent Education Program a few weeks ago.  This involved a 2 day stay at Walt Disney World resorts in Orlando, and then transferring to the Disney “Magic”, where we set sail for a 3 day cruise to Nassau, Bahamas and Castaway Cay, Disney’s own island.

I was skeptical at first that I would find the Disney experience any different than my last visit when my children were little.  But, I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised; the Disney organization has upgraded the parks, added the cruise segment and is constantly working to add new rides and attractions.  It truly was a special experience and I have to say it was magical.  I witnessed first-hand how a Disney vacation can bring a family together.  There were moms and dads, children and lots of grandparents really enjoying themselves and making special memories that will last a lifetime.  One such memory will stay with me; I saw the Disney “Princesses”, arrive to meet with a group of little girls, each dressed in princess costumes.   The little girls excitedly and with no fear, ran straight to the Princesses and into a big group hug.  It was very special and it brought tears to the adult’s eyes who witnessed it.

The cruise portion is available without the park experience, for those who prefer all the amenities of a luxurious cruise along with Disney themes for the little ones.  Yes, I said luxurious!  The feeling on the Disney Magic was not campy or cartoony, but gave me a sense that I was stepping back in time to the early days of luxury steam ship sailing.  If you choose to combine the park and cruise, you leave from Cape Canaveral, which is only a 1 hour bus ride from the park.  You can choose a 3, 4, or 5 night cruise to destinations that vary depending on the length. Interestingly, the Disney ships transition to Europe and the west coast for the summer and they offer longer cruises to many faraway ports including Europe, Canada and Alaska!  There were quite a number of adults on the cruise without children and I spoke to a few who told me that they love the Disney experience and felt that they get good value for their money with a Disney cruise.  Yes, there are lots of areas on the ship that were adult only and weren’t swamped with kids. We enjoyed a lovely, multi-course meal at Palo, a specialty-dining restaurant onboard and there were also several lounges where we “adult” beverages were served.

If you choose to just go to Walt Disney World, my advice would be to stay “on property”.  I learned that the special perks include book fast+ passes and rides, access to dining plans, easy transportation, free parking and extra “magic hours”; hours added before the park opening or after park closing, when only guests staying at a Disney resort are allowed to enjoy the rides – or technically be in the park.  The transfers to and from the airports are also included and I must say that I was very impressed that my luggage was picked up and transferred everywhere it needed to go without any issues!

I now have the familiarity with the Disney products to speak from experience. If you’re looking for a special and unique, multigenerational and fun experience, I would recommend Disney cruise and park vacations.  I am very excited to help my clients, who might be considering a Disney vacation, to pick out the one that would suit them best! Give us a call if you would like to learn more about experiencing a Disney vacation.   (631) 893-4232


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