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You only have one chance to make a first Impression. A sentence worth repeating.

With so many people out of work, the competition for a good job might come down to who looked the most polished.

We know you must have a great Resume, that you have to Dress For Success, and that your hair has to be “just right”. So why ruin all that work with mediocre Make-Up?

What!!! Make -Up could Make or break you. Believe it .. It’s as important as your references.

Before you set out on an interview go to the Jobsite Look at what is considered correct for this Particular Job. Remember, too much can make as bad an impression as too little!

To start make sure you have a perfect foundation, congealer and powder color match. Next do not forget primers for the Eye and Face .. ( a vital step).

But even before one drop of any if that touches your face…

Make sure your skin looks it’s best. That it’s cleansed, toned, hydrated and protected perfectly so your Make -Up will achieve the Flawless Look to attract the right attention from a potential employer.

Next: Do you have the right Colors for you?

Are you trendy enough for the look you need without looking over-done? I have always stressed to my clients to know if they are Warm or Cool (blue or yellow base tones).

And we all know Matchy Matchy is scary and out!

Just because a deep purple wine tone works for you in a club … does not mean it’s work situation friendly?

Find a tone that’s right for you and is work friendly. You can always bump it up. After work add a dark liner and a great gloss, for example.

You love the heavy black rimmed overly smokey “jersey” look for going out.

Unless you are working in a very casual setting it might not work. And if you do it imperfectly it will send entirely the wrong message to the very people you are trying to impress. Talk to a make-up artist (eh-hem..) and look into magazines. See what is hot but also what’s right for you and get opinions. Do not be afraid to ask what is the correct dress code for the job.

It shows your saavey to know what makes it in the job you are applying for. Make sure, too, whatever you do will be lasting and look fresh. Know how to make repairs. You should always bring lipstick or gloss and make sure mascara is intact and looks perfect. There is nothing worse than heavy spider clumps which leave crumbles everywhere.

Just as awful is flakey, cakey foundation and seeing the line of the jaw doesn’t match your neck (major No No).

Once you have your look practice it so the day of the interview you look Flawless. The right look tell the employer as much about you as your resume, if not more. The right look shows confidence, poise and good grooming.

Tell your boss you are the right one for the Job with the Flutter of a perfect eyelash.

Check your teeth for lipstick! It’s as bad as food between your teeth or.. Worse..

Now that your look works you will display to all who see you that, yes, indeed this is the person they want on their team.

After all, why look good when you can look great. And, when you look great it shows and that confidence will win out. . .every time.

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