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Today’s biggest questions: “How can I look younger without surgery?” “Which products are right for me?” “If I have sensitive skin are there products to address my needs?” And. . .the biggest one of all, “Are there Nature Based products I can use that will give me Great results?”

As a skin Care expert I treat each client’s needs individually. No two people have exactly the same skin care concerns. Not Even identical Twins. So I will always ask,

“How do you perceive your skin? Are you dry, oily sensitive? Do you have a combination skin type? Most people do.

Anti-aging is the hottest topic. The Baby Boomers are Reaching “that Certain age”, and I find Men and Women both concerned. We are an image conscious world. We are judged in the workplace, in social situations and, the toughest, of all, by ourselves.

When I work with a client and She or He answers those key questions for me, I will do a hydration test and look at the skin for signs of elasticity and sensitivity. There are many factors to consider. Diet is a big one, liquid intake, stress, and our environment at home, at work or outside. These factors all play their roles.

Let’s not forget one of the biggest factors of all — THE SUN! The Sun is necessary for life (a great source of vitamin D), but we are much more aware now about too much exposure to the sun. Recent studies have shown just how damaging the sun can be. We know that, when we chose a moisturizer, we might always want to consider one with an SPF(Sun Protection Factor). Most savvy Clients these days know that. And, did you know that you can get both chemical and physical sun block? While both have the benefit of Protection, the chemical sun block needs time to work (typically 20 minutes) while the physical block is immediate and most of the time better tolerated by the skin (zinc and titanium are the most well known physical blocks). These also are “natural”, made right from an elemental mineral source. I know of several organic brands that use a physical block vs. a chemical block. Sun block is your first defense against aging.

We also know there are an enormous amount of firming and repairing products on the market. From over the counter drug-store brands to the high priced department store/specialty store brands. I have used them All. I had, for a time, also worked in SEPHORA. This gave me an opportunity to compare many of the more advanced dermatologist brands. There are a few I found Superior. On the top of my test list has to be Caudalie From France (with love), which produces clinically proven client driven results. Most of Caudalie’s products have a grape seed stem or sap base. These products have amazing restorative properties. From right here in New York we also have “Super” — the latest brain child of Dr.Nicholas Perricone. Dr. Perricone is a master in breakthrough anti aging technology, not only treating the skin but the whole person using treatments, products and diet. Dr Perricone promotes “whole you” health. I love the fact, too, that both Caudalie and Super are affordable. If you are a drugstore shopper, as I am, I also found that Garnier by Revlon has an amazing line with great results to back it up. And, there are so very many more.

How do I determine what’s right for my clients? As I say, each one is special — as individual as the sands at the beach. Like I always say, “Why look Good when you can look Great!”

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Note: Michael has provided an independent evaluation of the products. Neither Michael nor has been paid for these endorsements.

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