A Cautious Patient Community (CPC) is a local group where patients and families learn how to be informed and involved in their healthcare. This leads to better healthcare outcomes, as well as a sense of no longer being an outsider in your own care. At CPC’s, small local groups meet together for three, ninety minute sessions to learn more about being responsible and effective advocates for themselves and their loved ones.

Founded by Houston Physician Cari Oliver, Cautious Patient Foundation was started to educate the public about the risks they face in the medical system, recognizing that their participation in their care could be lifesaving.

Ilene Corina, a nationally recognized patient safety advocate and founder of PULSE of NY, the first grassroots patient safety organization has teamed up with Cautious Patient Foundation and developed Cautious Patient Communities, a structured, solution driven program developed to empower patients by sharing life experiences that work.

“We can’t keep telling the people who work in the healthcare system what they need to do to keep us safe” explains Corina who started her mission to support patients following the death of her son from a preventable medical error over twenty years ago. “We need to empower patients with ways to feel confident, less vulnerable and start on an equal playing field when it comes to their family or their body”.

Cautious Patient Communities are presently in two states and are expected to become popular throughout the country. To host or facilitate a Cautious Patient Community near you, contact Ilene Corina at (516) 719-4114

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