It is amazing to realize the incredible force of Mother Nature. As the storm was raging, I took a look outside to see three 50 ft. high Leyland Cypress trees being forced to the ground. The incredible amount of strength that that requires is almost unimaginable. The wind, literally, took these trees to the ground, in one gust.

I would like to draw an analogy between the force of nature, and the incredible force that each one of us has inside our mind. When directed in the proper channel, your mind can literally move mountains. Most humans are totally unaware that they possess this type of awesome power. What the human mind thinks of on a consistent basis will, indeed, come to pass.

Throughout my father’s lifetime, he was obsessed, with the way that his father had passed away. In his mind, he thought he was just like his father, and would therefore succumb to the same condition. His father (my grandfather) had passed away in November of his 72nd year of an intestinal blockage. It was no surprise that my father had stomach problems his entire life. In November of my father’s 72nd year, he developed pain in his abdomen and was rushed to the hospital. He had developed the exact same condition, in the exact same month, in the exact same year that his father had. If it was not for the advanced antibiotics of the present day my father would have passed away in the exact same month, biological year and condition that his father had. As I said before, it was all he thought about. If my father had had a different mindset, it is my opinion that he would not have developed the stomach problems that plagued his life.

Each individual has a choice as to whether they can think of a situation in a positive or negative context. I think it is imperative that each one of us take the positive nugget that is found in each thought and magnify that aspect. For it is in the constant reiterating of verbiage that the brain will literally direct the body of what to do.

I would like to propose that each one of us take a situation and concentrate on the positive aspects and then go about producing that outcome. Remember, if the forces of nature can take a 50 tree and flatten it to the ground, imagine what your mind can do when placed in the proper context.

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