It’s the same old thing, each year people make New Year’s resolutions and they last approximately one to two months. Why is that? The reason is that most people are unable to change their self-image or internal representation of that particular situation. The ability to change takes time, effort and direction.

Imagine for a moment that you had the ability to change any situation. What benefits would that bring you? Would you be happier, more satisfied or more empowered? The answer to that question is that you should be all three. In order to change one needs to have direction in the form of an action plan. Once that action plan has been delineated then particular steps are needed in order to facilitate its fruition.

Let’s try and follow a plan into action. The first thing one has to do is write down exactly what you want to accomplish. Take into consideration all of the parameters that are necessary for the accomplishment of this particular task. These parameters include: what would the end result look like, what would it feel like, what particular sounds would you hear and even what it would smell and taste like. Once these are ingrained within your mind, make a list of particular situations or tasks necessary to lead you down the path of success. Most importantly, what would you gain by accomplishing this particular task. Remember, even in the field of human dynamics, there should always be the proverbial reward.

When my son was growing up, talking about goals in my house was like talking about the weather. My son, who was approximately 7 years old at the time, asked me if he could do what dad did with this goal stuff. I asked him to tell me what he wanted and he said a new baseball glove. We then went through all the things that he needed to do and order to get that new glove. He mentioned to me such things as brushing his teeth, cleaning his room, eating breakfast, going to school, coming home and doing his homework, watching TV and then going to bed. I told him to write all those things down and check them off as he accomplished each one of these tasks. He woke up the next morning as excited as I’ve ever seen him. After he brushed his teeth he made a big check mark on the paper, then again after cleaning his room. When he came home from school the first thing he could think about was to check off his school time. By the time he was supposed to go to bed, he was so excited that he accomplished everything; he couldn’t wait to do it tomorrow. I had told him, that if he did this for one week, we were going shop for a new baseball glove. To some extent that was one of his most productive weeks. He did his job, checked it off and was enthused about doing it again. He surly got that new baseball glove.

The saying is “Talk is Cheap”; write it down and BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN.

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