So is 2013 a time to make your move?


Those Looking to Trade Up.  At these low interest rates you can make the move to a larger home and lifestyle you’ve always wanted.  Even if you didn’t recoup all you wanted from the sale of your house, the future appreciation on this larger home will most likely prove to be a wise investment.

Those Looking to Size Down.  With fewer homes on the market and many buyers looking to take advantage of record low interest rates it is a good time to sell before there are more homes in competition in the spring/summer. 

Those Waiting for the Market to Return to Its Peak.  Waiting until prices go back to their 2006 peak could take 5+ years.  At that time we could have higher interest rates that would impact rising prices.  Best to look at what is best for you and your family and make a move – or not – based on those factors rather than reaching a selling price that was fueled by an unusual set of market circumstances.

Buyers/Renters.  What better combination – decades low interest rates and home prices off their highs but edging up, assuring you future appreciation on the home you buy today!

Investors.  Investing in real estate gives you the control you don’t have with many other forms of investment such as stocks or bonds.  Just do your homework, understand your costs and the market you are investing in.  Get good advice from an area expert and begin to build your wealth through real estate.

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