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“Other things aren’t there to create or bring you happiness. They are simply there to add to your life.” — The Zing; pg. 70

What ever happened to stick ball? How about hide-and-seek with your house as home base? What about playing outside in the neighborhood until the street lights came on?

Think back to your youth — you played in groups. You found things to do when you had nothing like a cell phone or gaming device in your hands. You were in a group of kids, whether you liked all of them or not, and enjoyed your free time by doing things together. You found a way to make something great with nothing more

than your imagination.

Now, we still have those groups today. But they are all linked together by social media. Our kids find ways to entertain themselves with things that either plug into the wall or runs by battery. And many of these devices have the great ability to link game players from all over the globe.

Don’t get me wrong. Being connected is a great way to broaden your life experiencesBut it is not the exclusive way to be out in the world. There are a great many lessons to learn from playing outside in “the neighborhood” which has gotten lost in today’s electronic driven world.

Bored with a house full of things? Start today by choosing to connect with people without a device. Want to start reaching out to the younger generation in a new-old way? Throw a frisbee, play catch, take a walk. When your kids have a play date, help them choose to interact without some type of gadget in their hands.

Let’s start going back to the REAL social media of yesterday. Re-discover the real time world, face-to-face — and leave the texting and posting for another time. I guarantee you and your family will enjoy it more than you think.

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