Have Christmas in July!

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Consider buying gifts all year long. Not only will you avoid the January money hit, but you also avoid the crowd and get the size and style you want. Spend the holidays enjoying time spent rather than spending family time at the mall.

When you change the way you see the gift giving season, you can change the outcome in January. All you need to do is consider doing something different this year and you will reward yourself with less holiday and financial stress in the end.

“When you choose to change your thoughts, you begin to change your life.” Ron Villano, M.S., LMHC, ASAC is a licensed psychotherapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, life & bereavement coach, author and national speaker. He has appeared before sold-out audiences across the country, is the host of two internet radio shows, and is currently featured on the Verizon FiOS1 network. Please check www.RonVillano.com for event and contact information.

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