How Laughter Heals

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As a stand up comic and comedy fundraiser promoter and a humor therapist, I apply humor in all areas of my life. Everyone loves a good laugh, but everyone does not know how beneficial that laughter is. Laughter benefits your physical health, your mental health and also has many social benefits.

The great thing about laughter is there are no bad side effects, no runny nose, it does not cause you to be tired or cause any other side effects that some remedies give.

I want to start with the social benefits; laughter binds people together and increases happiness which gives you a better quality of life. Laughter also attracts others to us and strengthens existing relationships. Laughter helps to helps groups to bond and have more enjoyment while doing so and can also help to defuse conflict, anger and/or anxiety. Mental health benefits include improving mood,relieving stress, easing anxiety and fear. This helps with the lulls we have in life that can lead to depression. Laughter and humor help with all of these. When you laugh or smile it releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Humor helps to help you keep a more positive outlook on life and helps you to keep a optimistic outlook when difficult things happen.

The physical benefits in humor include prevention of heart disease by increasing blood flow and improving function of blood cells which can help prevent and protect your heart from a wide range of cardiovascular problems.

Laughter also helps to decrease pain by releasing endorphins that help to kill pain.

There is a old saying that laughter is the best medicine and that is so true!

My suggestion is to add more laughter into your life.

  • Start by smiling at someone else, smiling is contagious.
  • Watch a funny movie such as Patch Adams, the true story based on humor therapy.
  • Go to a comedy show and my best advice would be to visit to keep abreast of the lastest and the greatest local comedy.
  • Read the funny pages, tell a joke, join a comedy class or improv class, take time to enjoy yourself and create a better healthier you.

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