Getting Through Cold and Flu Season When Being Sick is Just Not an Option


A few days ago a patient of mine woke up, got the kids off to school, went to gym had killer workout and by mid morning the “walls were falling down” on them. They had been running around like a maniac since the holidays and a seasonal virus strain started to sneak in. They made it to end of day in the office, went home, dealt with kid’s homework, cooked, then started to feel even more achy, fatigued, could barely walk, thinking was tough, and the chills set in. Straight to bed they went.

Does that sound like YOU or anyone you know this time of year. If so, don’t let that scenario be you…!!

The next day they made an emergency appointment with me, I did an exam and started an IV Myers Cocktail of high dose vitamins and nutrients while in the office. I sent them home from my office with my oral nutraceutical blend for a quick recovery: oscillococcinum ( say that three times fast), Echinacea/golden seal tincture, olive leaf extract, allicillin (from garlic), astragalus, oil of oregano tablets, and high dose Vitamin C (ester form).

They called with a follow up and said that within 12 hours they were starting to feel better and back to their normal routine the next day (less the gym).

All of the oral supplements I mentioned above are also available online or at a quality local health food store. They are all inexpensive and you may even find combination formulas. I recommend having these on hand during the winter season.

Of course don’t forget to take it easy, increase your fluids, get extra rest, a little chicken soup (but of course of Grandma always recommended….lol). Take a long hot shower to increase circulation, dress warm when going to bed to “sweat it out”. Don’t forget that a little positive energy and prayer never hurt anyone. Of course, if you don’t get better see your doctor.

Wishing you abundant wellness…Dr. Dave

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