Is using Pharmaceuticals only after exhausting the multitude of lifestyle and natural approaches available an Alternative idea?

Most health conditions can be prevented or cured with natural, lifestyle means. Only after the body has spun too far out of balance or our diagnosis is critical, do we need to consider medications. Even then, hopefully the use of medication is only for a transitional period of time.

Delicious nutritious foods, enjoyable empowering exercise, stress management techniques, communing with nature, good sleep hygiene, properly chosen nutraceuticals, meditation, breathing techniques, etc. should be considered to be our “Medicine Cabinet”. The more natural healing methods we incorporate into everyday life, the more vitality and resistance to disease we have. An ongoing practice of utilizing these methods give us the lasting benefits of good health to be truly appreciated.

Some nutraceutical therapeutic examples:

For allergies: quercetin, nettles and nasal saline work very well to avoid the drying, sedating effects of anti-histamines.

For viral and bacterial nasal infections: allicin, olive leaf extract, and oregano oil work very well to avoid the overuse of antibiotics.

For inflammation: ginger roots, fish oils, curcumin, and boswellia work very well instead of the dangerous use of NSAIDS.

For migraines: magnesium, butterbur, feverfew, 5-HTP, riboflavin work very well before reaching for a triptan.

Nutraceutical therapies should be used as part of an overall lifestyle regimen for health. True health cannot be bought in a bottle regardless of whether natural or not. Nutraceuticals are excellent catalysts for health and healing.

As I practice and embrace Integrative Medicine, I always recommend seeing a qualified healthcare practitioner to make the proper diagnosis, guide the judicious use of natural remedies and to know when medication is necessary.

Wishing your excellent, abundant and vital health….

Dr. Dave

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