What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

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Our body image is so important, and defines what we think of ourselves. Notice I did not write, “what our body looks like, defines what others think of us”, though that statement is absolutely true.

Don’t we have different preferences? A certain hair color, eye color, or body type, may be what attracts us to a mate, or someone we’d like to get to know. Other times, there may just be a radiance or overall look about someone that is attractive.

I grew up hating the mirror, because I never liked the person staring back at me. I felt insecure and inferior, because I did not look at all like the people in magazines or on TV, and was always reminded of my larger size by “well-meaning” people, and those “not-so well-meaning” people. I would think, “If only I were taller… if only I had a different shaped face…if only I was skinny… if only____…” 

No matter what we look like, we are always judging ourselves – thinking about what we don’t have or who we are not, rather than what we do have and who we are.

As a Health Empowerment Coach, I help my clients find their positive body image, so they can love themselves in the here and now.

We have to get out of that negative space we rent in our heads, and start owning us some positivity instead! Look at a picture of yourself from a younger time in your life. Big 80’s hair aside (or any other style trend that applies to the time period you grew up in), you probably look much better than you gave yourself credit for at the time.

This next statement is really important… especially if you are a person that has not had lasting success in weight loss, or success in keeping with a healthier lifestyle. I’m talking earth shattering, groundbreaking important. Ready?

“If you cannot love yourself and your life at a size 18, you will not find nirvana at a size 2, and that lack of self-love will ALWAYS undermine any efforts towards healthy that you put forth.”

Even if your initial efforts are successful, they probably will not be lasting, and you will find yourself on the yo-yo diet cycle, or you may give up altogether, out of frustration.

Back to, “Our body image is so important and defines what we think of ourselves”. Define what is beautiful in you. Don’t let ANYONE set their ideas of what is beautiful in your head. Own your positive space…the view is much better from there.

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