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Hello Everyone!  I’m sorry about my long Hiatus…   We have all been preparing for Doreen’s anxiously awaited  Book!  (www.ifiknewthenbook.com)

Summer’s here and it’s time to think.  The fact that you’ll be showing more skin, and that you may be tanner… and you will want to protect the skin you’re in and make it beautiful.  

I love all the new ways to do that!

Almost every great cosmetic line has a “Tan in a Can”.  Even the great drugstore lines like L’Oreal Neutrogena  Cover Girl  Maybelline, and Banana Boat have great sunless tanners.  Or if your into “Big Names”, Christian Dior, Clinique, Chanel ,Guerlane, Estée Lauder, Mac and Make-up Forever, Urban Decay, Nars, Laura Mercier, Two Face, and Bobby Brown all have  great bronzers and sun products.  But, you need natural, right?  Go Josie Marin, Tart, Philosophy, or Kate Somerville to name a few.  And, Sephora is full of summer surprises.

To accent your tan I say look into BExtraordinary™ Makeup (TimetoPlay.com’s own special Eyes Cheeks and Luscious Lip make up!)

Whatever you do, don’t forget sun block – minimum SPF 15, and you must re-apply at least every 2 hours.  Don’t burn!!   You’ll be sorry later!  Remember, sun damage is cumulative and only gets worse with time and prolonged damage.  Skin cancer is one of the world’s most deadly cancers and claims many of lives every year… and it’s preventable, so be smart — cover up enjoy the sun! Don’t let it hurt you!

Enjoy! Be bronzed, beautiful, BExtraordinary™ and enjoy your summer!

I have suggestions for you.  Confused? Ask Michael a question. I can do one on one consultations. I can get you exactly the right products for you with my personal shopper services.  You can contact me here at time to play or on Facebook Michael K ( no period after”k”) Waterman or text or call me 5166503691

I look forward to speaking to you soon!  Until then, always take time to BExtraordinary™


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