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In light of all the superstar players placed on the disabled list for the New York Yankees, it is a wonder that they are doing as well as they are-or is it? What it really comes down to is a combination of great managing and commitment on the part of individuals to rise to the occasion. On one of Joe Girardi’s TV shows, he states that when players go down, other players need to step up to fill the void. This is great in theory but reality is usually something different. It seems to be the ability of the manager to find the right “buttons to push” to get the most out of his less than superstar players.

I think that what the New York Yankees are doing at this moment is a unique metaphor for life. You see, when the going really gets tough, the people with the most belief, and faith in themselves rise to the top. Having had experience treating world-class athletes I have found that their thinking process is far different than most of us. These individuals are the most goal orientated people on the planet. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will get in their way of them achieving their goals. However, it takes a special coach to know when to say the appropriate words which will stimulate the athlete to do more than they thought they were capable of achieving.

Most individuals, faced with real challenges, think of the myriad of ways that they will fail rather than the one-way or combination thereof to succeed. The athlete on the other hand, will dig down deep and find a way within their psyche to convince themselves that the goal is achievable. It is in the belief of the person and the guidance of the coach that makes the task a success.

Do you have that special person in your life that you can talk to or rely on for sound guidance in difficult situations? If you do, consider yourself a very lucky person. For most of us however, these people do not exist. So the real effort has to come from WITHIN to achieve success in these situations. First and foremost, one needs to have a defined goal in mind. This goal should include all things that you would see, hear, taste, smell, and touch when its achievement is reached. By immersing yourself with the positive outcome that you are seeking, you condition your unconscious mind to bring it about. You see, your unconscious mind is like the magnificent athlete and your conscious mind is the coach. By finding the right set of words or feelings that you send to your unconscious mind, your ability to reach any goal is truly within sight. It might be nice or comfortable or convenient for you to hire a life coach or some other individual that will listen and direct you. In the end, it is your conscious mind directing your unconscious mind to achieve the outcome. You truly are as good as you think and tell yourself you all are. Be very careful of the words and feelings you choose.

Are you that person that steps up to the plate with the positive attitude of expectancy or do you just go through the motions?

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