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Happy Sweet 16

It’s Spring!  Time to start to notice the little things.  The buds, the flowers, the grass turning green.  It happens in an instant.  One day it’s brown and grey.  The next, everything has popped.

It’s amazing to me – that things can be so automatic and that time marches on so quickly.  Things carry on, day to day, year to year.  Of course we are powerless to slow down or stop the clock.

This year I’m making a true effort to take note of all the amazing happenings possible.  It is so often that, when you become so busy and engrossed in just getting through your day, you miss the simple miracles.  How many times have you driven along and noticed that the trees had all their leaves and wondered how that had happened?  How did you not notice the buds were there?  How many times did you notice that the leaves were turning colors — where did the summer go?  “How did the leaves turn brown and fall off so quickly?”  It’s happened to me year after year.  But, this year is different.  I’m really trying to SEE what I’ve missed.

How time does march on.  My daughter, my youngest, just turned 16.  We had a party last Saturday.  We prepared for months.  The day had arrived and I tried to savor each moment.  I even said that I knew the 5 hours would be gone in a blink.  And it was.  As you think the 5 hours would be long, it seemed that it was over and we were cleaning up just as fast as it had started.  A wonderful party, so carefully planned.

Like the Spring, the party was a time to savor.  A time to take notice of the little things.  A time to drench your senses in the miracles.

Take note of the miracles.  Take time to Play.

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  1. laurinda - NY Introductions
    laurinda - NY Introductions says:

    “It is so often that, when you become so busy and engrossed in just getting through your day, you miss the simple miracles.” This is such a true statement – You have to make the conscious effort to stop and take notice. I miss the days when I would sit in the backyard every summer morning and sip on my tea. I would listen to the birds and look at my gardens and find such peace and contentment. I think I will take the time to do that again this summer rather than starting off my day by running into my office and turning on my computer and working the minute I open my eyes.


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