Think and Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill

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This was a most amazing book. Andrew Carnie, of steel manufacturing fame, charged Napoleon Hill with writing this book. It was written in 1937, took 28 years to complete the research, and was the summary (I guess that’s a good word) of the 500 most successful people of that time including greats like Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, etc.

What an impressive book. I’m going to provide just a brief summary and I do encourage EVERYONE to read this.

Most of the book is directed to the state of mind. I truly have realized, during my journey in my quest for quality of life, that our mind is what imprisons us, what causes us to become a victim. It’s most important for us to exercise as much control over the chatter that enters as it can totally bring us down.

Another component of the book was about “nay-sayers” that told some of the greats of our Country that things were impossible, could never happen, etc. Believe it or not, “Doubting Thomases” even told Henry Ford he could never be successful producing the automobile! I have learned, over the past years of my quest, and had reinforced through Mr. Hill’s brilliant work, that “the mind could produce anything the mind could conceive and believe” (p. 285). This book has helped me see that. I know I’ve been held back believing in people who have told me “no” or that “it can’t be done” or “why would you bother”. Although I feel bad that I let this happen, I know you can’t go back (you know, the Eckhart Tolle Power of Now philosophy – there is no past, there is no future, there is only the present). So, we move forward.

What do you want in life? Feel it, believe it. Write it down. See it. Make it happen.

In Think and Grow Rich Mr. Hill reviews 13 principles which lead to success. I considered going through and summarizing each one, but, as stated in the preface, “this book contains the secret, which as been put to a practical test by thousands of people from almost every walk of life. [Andrew Carnegie] believed the formula should be taught in all schools and colleges, and expressed the opinion that if it were properly taught it would so revolutionize the entire educational system that the time spent in school could be reduced to less than half.” (p. vi)

He noted that the secret will appear in the book as you read it if you are ready for it.

Therefore, I chose to not divulge it. 

The book is an experience, one that I am pleased to have taken part. It created clarity and pulled together ideas and education I have been acquiring during these past two years in my quest for quality of life.

A final thought from the preface, written by Napoleon Hill in 1937 (p. xi): “All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea! If you are ready for the secret, you already possess one half of it; therefore you will readily recognize the other half the moment it reaches your mind”.

Hmm. . . does that wet your appetite?

Happy reading!


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The Land of the Free

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A few years ago we went to Washington D.C.  The Revolutionary War has always been intriguing to me, and Washington is full of history.  What you can see and learn there is amazing.  I have always wondered how so many people with like thoughts could gather together at that time in history. How could these people collaborate to write the Constitution. Why did people like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin become part of this movement that formed America?  How did they have the foresight?  Why did they even do it?  They were wealthy professionals.  For sure they had a good life and didn’t really need to start what they did.  It is very thought provoking.

So, in Washington, D.C., standing at the Jefferson Memorial at the foot of the monstrous Thomas Jefferson statue, you can’t help but feel insignificant (I imagine you wondered why I mentioned Washington, DC. See, there was a reason). —

Today I think of all the men, women and families who sacrifice or sacrificed to keep the dream of the United States alive.  The fight for freedom, the land of the free, for free speech, for equality among all persons who live here.  And I think of how lucky we each are.

I think of all the organizations that fight for causes and the people that make up those organizations.  Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet a group of Blue Star moms, moms who had lost a child in recent combat.  They were at a benefit motorcycle rally we attended for, a benefit that was to bring awareness and funding for post traumatic stress disorder that many of our soldiers deal with upon their return from service.

I think of these people, each and every one, who joins together in a cause — and they do have the right to join together with like beliefs or goals because we live in the United States, the land of the free. In these organizations they have a goal to help make another’s life better.  I realize that is what our Country’s founding fathers did, too.  Working together you can get far.  Even against all odds.

If you have a chance, please visit  It is my goal to bring together people — regular citizens — who have something to offer someone else to make lives better.  From the posting of an event to providing knowledge as a “professional resource”, or listing a club or organization so another can find out about it and join the fun.  Resources for a better life.  A 5′ 2″ woman from Long Island is throwing a pebble in a pond to start a ripple effect with the hopes to help others.

We’d love to have you contribute to this project.  After all, see what happened with just a spark of an idea.

God Bless America — Let Freedom Ring.

Happy 4th of July.

– Doreen