The Serenity Prayer - A Challenge

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Did you ever wonder where the Serenity Prayer came from or what the intention was when it was written?  I googled and found this on a website  and I have reposted, as follows: Serenity…

Learning: The Key to Enjoying Life

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I think I've finally got it.  I think I've finally figured out how to enjoy life.  I had an "ah ha" moment (thank you Jim Ryan for the terminology of Ah ha moments).  I think the key to enjoying life is learning. Here's some of my thoughts…

The Power of Now -- a journey to discovery

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Don't know if you have had the time to join in / read the book discussion re: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, but I'm up to page 65.  Here's what I'm thinking about so far. . . There are a lot of thought provoking statements in the pages…

Love. Create. Learn. (Karen Garvey)

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I've been reading a book entitled The Answers by Karen Garvey for a few weeks now, fitting it in when I get a chance.  I have 2-3 chapters left, and then plan to go back to the pages I earmarked.  It's very interesting and very thought provoking. …

Ugg. I Choked. Lesson Learned.

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So, I had a great opportunity yesterday.  I was on a live radio show to promote -- my "midlife crisis" project that had taken a good part of my life last year.  My passion.  My "pebble in the pond" to start the ripple to…

A Labor of Love

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Today is the day the site "launches".  It is finally done.  And the TimetoPlay van is rolling! We've worked on this for over 10 months.  "It's done", I'd declare.  But, it was not done.  We'd go back to the drawing…

Every Action We Take Provides a Reward or a Consequence

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So, it has taken 45 years for me to start figuring things out.  I guess that's better than never. I have always advocated being proactive.  During my corporate career one of my job functions was quality improvement.  That is what I base… Thought of the Day: Our destiny is shaped by our thoughts and our actions. We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.

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Positive thinking.  That is something that people advocate.  It has been suggested through books like the Secret that implementing positive thinking can bring on the universe's power to change a person's destiny.  Positive thinking is…