Gotta Start Somewhere

A few weeks ago I was feeling sluggish. I sit most of the day at work. My legs felt particularly achy, and the best way I can describe the feeling in my back was “crunchy”. Those of you who are 50-ish can probably relate to that description! I…

I Can't Do It

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How many times have you said “I CAN’T”.  How many times have you heard others say “I CAN’T”. I believe that these two words used together should be banished from our vocabulary, as well as from our minds. As a student of everyday…

Who Says I Can't

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After spending the past few months worrying about how I can't help where and when I may find a job, how the economy looks, how, even with a Ph.D. I may be out of luck finding a career or how everything seems like its out of my control. I suddenly…