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I’ll say the name: Tim Tebow.  Everyone knows his name and almost everyone has an opinion of him.  However, no matter what comes to mind when you think of Tim Tebow, his faithfulness has never been in question.  Tim has experienced pinnacles in sports such as leading the University of Florida to a national championship […]

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Myth busters: Bible Edition!

EQUIPPING BELIEVERS TO DEFEND THE HISTORICITY, VALIDITY, AND RELIABILITY OF THE BIBLE: There have been various myths that I have been approached with regarding the Bible which I wanted to address.  Let’s get right into it! Myth: “The Bible is old and irrelevant. People have changed, times have changed, we’re living in very ‘scientific’ times; […]



I have good news for you. Please take a minute to read my story. You’ll be glad you did… Growing up I had a pretty normal life. I had parents that provided for me materially; I had a good group of friends, a nice house, and cool stuff. I pretty much had everything I thought […]



Jesus was the only figure in history who claimed to be “The Truth.” Today “truth” is tossed around as: “whatever is true for you is true for you and whatever is true for me is true for me.” But how can this statement be valid??? There can only be one truth . . . something is either true or it’s […]