Put In The Ear Plugs!

We live in a world filled with sound.  The horn honking and the music bumping.  We hear noise everywhere and it competes for our valuable brain space.  Once a sound enters our ears it becomes apart of us.  It becomes something that we are forced to at least file away.  Because of this we must be always on guard for what we hear.  The secret is to hear as much of the content that builds us up and improves our lives and to limit if not totally block out any and all negative exposure.  This as we all know is always easier said then it is done, but if you have your MENTAL EAR PLUGS in you can quickly recognize the audible garbage and prepare yourself to FIREWALL IT.  

What we hear from others can at times make or break us.  We all have experienced at some point in our lives the timely wisdom of a caring friend who just so happen to say the right thing at the right time.  If your a forward thinker and information secret then you know the feeling of hearing the pearl of wisdom that magically turns the light on to something bigger.  

The negative noise often carries more weight then any other sound.  It has a way of exploiting our weakness and imbedding into our brains for rapid recall at a later date.  I’m sure each of you has had an experience where someone has said something to you that really hurt.  It cut deep and perhaps it still has not healed. That is the power of the spoken word.  It can literally create or destroy.

In life the most important sounds and words come from ourselves.  Its what we say to ourself that has even more impact then all the others.  I remember at an MMI event hearing one of the speakers say, “Don’t believe every word I say, believe every word you say.”  That is sound wisdom as long as what you are saying has TRUTH and MERIT and UPLIFTING QUALITIES.  How you speak to yourself truly does matter.

Remember this, whenever the outside world is trying to fill your head with the wrong stuff, POP in those EAR PLUGS or better yet POP IN A PAIR of HEADPHONES and listen to the sounds of some of the great speakers in the world.  And always always always make sure the what you say is beneficial for all and that includes you. 

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