1.  Do thorough research on locations you are thinking of moving to.  Compare statistics on cost of living, employment opportunities, education, healthcare, crime and tax structure to get an overview on the “livability” of a community.  You want to check that your career opportunities and salary potential would support your desired lifestyle in that location.  Often when moving from a high-cost city like New York people find salaries are much lower.  You just want to be sure the cost of housing and taxes are measurably lower to make the move worthwhile.  Be sure to figure in your cost to relocate – homesale costs, moving van and various costs involved with a move in addition to home purchase or rental costs.


2.  Be sure you and your family really want to move.  Visit the new city on several occasions at different times of the year to see if living and working in the new community would provide better opportunities and quality of life than your current situation and home town.  How’s the weather?  What entertainment and recreational activities are available?  Will your spouse also be able to find work opportunities.  


Don’t overlook the “buy-in” of the children when moving.  Relocation experts can advise on preparing children and present solutions to help ease them into their new school and neighborhood.  


Think about what are the drawbacks to making the move?  Do the benefits outweigh them?  Try and project into the future how life will be there in several years.  Is this a place you would be happy for a good period of time?  No one wants to endure the stress and cost of moving too often.  Careful planning and decision making is important.  


3.  Work with a realtor who is a Certified Relocation Professional (CRP) and relocation specialist.  When relocating with your current employer a package of relocation benefits and services are often provided.  Your Human Resource Director or Benefits Director would detail company policy.  The benefits often include some reimbursement of costs and cover coordination of the move from the current or departure city to the destination city.


If your move is not through your current employer it is definitely important to work with a realtor who is a CRP or relocation specialist.  These agents have in-depth experience moving corporate personnel and are trained to provide top level service for individuals and families making such a move.  Services include pre-move counseling, community research, referral to and coordination with top realtors in the destination communities who provide area tours and temporary living arrangements, in addition to home or apartment searches.  Services of your relocation specialist will also include homesale assistance here in your current location and coordination of the total move – overseeing the actual move process itself.  Constant coordination and communication with the realtor  in the destination community is provided by your relocation specialist and ensures details of the living arrangements and settling-in services are carried out.  


Moving, as we know, is one of the more stressful events in life.  Moving to a new city is certainly a more difficult move than just moving across town.  However, a well-researched, well thought-out move using the services of experienced professionals makes all the difference.  


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