The Lesson from 2013 – Digest and then DO more!


This post is what I just posted on –  It’s from the heart and I wanted to share it with the great readers of Timetoplay!



I have a personal message and lesson to share with everyone.  Its from the heart and I hope it serves the readers of this well.  I will begin by saying that the life of an Entrepreneur is one of the great experiences in life.  We get to create and challenge the status quo.  We have the opportunity to reshape the lives around use.  We get to serve.  Service to mankind is truly the greatest of blessings.  If your like me, a take on the world kind of person, things can and do get very crazy and hectic.  This is usually not because the goals are to big or the vision is not of value.  This usually comes from taking on way to much way to fast.  In doing so we can become bogged down with to much.

In 2013, the year that I set my sites on larger things.  The year that I decided I was going to push harder on new projects and really set into my creative flow, I forgot one simple and basic thing.  

It reminds me of when I was a child and I was told never to go swimming right after eating. (Im not even sure if there really is any truth to that but anyway)  In 2013 I committed to many projects and took on some new ventures.  I still had my prior responsibilities to meet but I thought that I was truly ready to add more to my plate.  BIG MISTAKE.  It was not a mistake that I wanted to add more or that I even added more.  It was however a learning experience to not let what I had been working on digest.  I did not let all the learning and building really take a solid position.  The best example I can think of is not letting the concrete foundation dry and set before you start to build the first floor.  If we just poured the concrete and immediately started to build on top of it what happens?  Everything starts to sink into the concrete.  No good!  

The lesson is a simple one, build and let set and then build some more.  Build as big as you wish but build and let set.  The term Rome was not build in a day probably came from someone like me who decided that getting it all done at that moment was the noble thing to do.  

If you feel OVERCOME by your current schedule. All the tasks and plans laid out and its piled high.  Maybe you can do what I began to do.  Slowly scaling back.  Not slowing down but scaling back.

The eat and elephant one bite at a time saying comes to mind.  Look at your plan if you have one and scale it back to a manageable level.  It doesn’t mean all the other things will not get done.  What it means is that you are finally getting the necessary things done to build upon.  

I remember seeing a title somewhere and it said “Do it or Ditch it”.  The wisdom in that saying for me said this, “If your not ready to Do it and Digest it, thats ok,  Ditch it for the moment.  Then Digest whats on your plate completely.  Don’t be the person at the buffet who piles there plate high and forgets that you can go up as many times as you want!

Overcome the Overwhelming by DOING AND DIGESTING!   

Joseph J Farina

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