When you CHOOSE Happiness as your #1 PRIORITY, I GUARANTEE the following:


1. You begin to RELAX. (Take a deep breath here!)

2. You begin to TRUST that EVERYTHING that happens is in divine order, and further
EVERYTHING that happens to YOU is for your BETTERMENT! (whether you realize this in the moment or not)

3. You set your personal vibration more happiness.

4. TOXIC emotions (emotions that subtract from your happiness) such as anger, irritation, fear, sadness, resentment, jealously, rage, loneliness, hatred, shame, blame, hostility, anxiety, despair, hopelessness, impatience, negativity…(the list is endless)…will begin to LOOSE power and eventually cease to exist.

5. Toxic emotions will be replaced with emotions that nurture and feed your soul to attract even MORE HAPPINESS. Emotions like gratitude, joy, contentment, inner peace, enthusiasm, happiness, laughter, and the MOST important emotion of all, LOVE will begin to dominate your daily experiences. Contentment begins to rock & rule your world!
Finally, you begin to smile…a lot! No, you’re not crazy you’re just HAPPY! You’re happy for NO reason and you’re happy for EVERY reason! The light in your eyes can be seen from the farthest star in the Universe. You radiate LOVE and Universal energy! You are a beacon. People are drawn to you. Miracles begin to dominate your life!

In closing, be patient with you! New thoughts, habits and behaviors take time to develop. You’ll notice the journey is similar to the way a Queen moves in a chess game. The Queen has the ability to literally move forwards, backwards, sideways, and diagonally. The great news is ALL movement is labeled PROGRESS! As long as you are committed to your ultimate goal of living “happily ever after” you will succeed!


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