This season has been a Real Turkey so far!

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Time to Play!

Time to put on a Happy Face. One of my favorite Silly Movies is Hedwig and The Angry inch. One of the Best songs in this crazy movie was “Put on some Make-Up”

“Put on Some Make-Up,Play Kiss and Make-up” It made me smile like “Put on a Happy Face”.

When you look in the Mirror, do you like what you see?

I am about creating the best possible look for my Clients. I want you to Ask me about what we can do together.

Ask Michael” is about looking at ourselves in a new Way. MY WAY. I look at people in a different way. I see what’s beautiful or handsome in all my clients. Let me show you “You” as you have never seen yourself before.

Let me show you how to make your eyes smolder, your cheeks blush; let me teach you the perfect pout.

What is your perfect hair color and style? (guys, this one is for you, too)! Ask me about the right clothing style for your Body type.

Do you know your Body type? Are you a square, an hourglass a “t” type? Are you a rectangle? A triangle? Round? Are you the perfect combo??

Let me help you see you – maybe for the first time. In previous Columns I discussed Light | Dark | Neutral | Warm | Cool. Let me show you what is best you.

Ask Me, Michael. Let me show you, as Time to Play has shown me how to BExtraordinary!

Why look Good when you can Be Extraordinary! (Check out our new BExtraordinary™ collection!)

As Always, I am Your Personal Image Guru — Michael K Waterman

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