The Eyes of March

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Fashion week was a real Eye Opener. As the Time To Play Beauty Editor, it’s my Job to interpret what was seen on the Runway and translate it to the real world!

So Here Goes ..

Spring is here and the eyes are smokey smudgy AND in COLOR!

Outlines of Metallic Blue,Purple, Dark Green inside, eyeliner of Black all the way around to give the eyes sexy mystery and a true exotic feel.

Lashes are to the MAX!

Not only über Mascara but lash extensions and full false lash strips are so much the “look”. I know, I do tons of them for clients every week (So Lash Out!!)

Lips are nude, beige, naked, peaches or mauve pink or the 1960’s concealer on the lips ala Twiggy 1968.

And big behive hair was wild on the runways!! Bronzer and naked blushes with pearl highlighters are a must have, and this insider knows where to get all the good stuff (Um, our own BExtraordinary™ line has everything you need right here online, simply “Ask Michael”!!)! Click here to check it out

We are so excited about our new lip pencils and felt Tip liners. How chic, how 1960’s, how easy!!

Couple that liner and some lashes and you will rock any situation!!

Don’t be afraid, it’s time to put on your hottest looks as we get ready for the warm weather and all eyes will be on you!

Want to know how to do the latest looks? It’s Easy! Just “Ask Michael “… and BExtraordinary™!!

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