Ok, so even with this advice I know some of you are going to run to the drug store — so here is some help.

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  • Try to find hair products that are sulfide free.
  • If your hair is dry make sure the shampoo has as little alcohol as possible in it.
  • If you dye your hair (and most people do – men and women btw) look for shampoo marked for color treated hair (the green stuff will strip color).
  • Is your hair Dry?? Do you use a conditioner. The wrong one will weigh the hair down and make it look limp and greasy.
  • Do you have thin fine hair which is also dry? This is where I think you need real help.
  • How about itchy scalp? It’s not all dandruff. There are so many conditions. Sometimes you might want to ask a dermatologist. After you do there are products designed for those special needs available in salons and over the counter.

My Mom has dry hair from color and from sun and I suspect from too drying shampoos. Now she will be using the correct color treated shampoo, a conditioner, and I have gotten her to use a treatment mask at least once a week. She says her hair is now healthier and softer.

I was happy to be able to help My Mom… After all She us My Mom! She taught me so much about love and life, the least I can do if help her look and feel great!

Now I have to talk to her about lipstick choices…

Why look good when you can look Great. Until next week!

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