Imagine you live alone. It’s 2:00 a.m. on a Monday night. You’re asleep, completely unaware of the danger you’re about to face in the following moments.

A stranger enters your home through a backyard window. You’re a sound sleeper so you don’t hear the footsteps moving quickly and methodically throughout your home, searching for valuables. The intruder carries a large garbage bag in his left hand and a flashlight in his right. Eventually, he arrives at your bedroom door.

Your valuables are kept in a jewelry box located on a nightstand, next to your bed. It doesn’t take long for the stranger to pocket all of its contents while you sleep.

For an unknown reason, your sixth sense awakens you. Your eyes begin to slowly focus still unsure of why you’ve been awakened. Immediately, the strangers’ attention is now on you. As you realize you’re not alone, you’re flooded with terror. Instinctively you attempt to scream however your voice fails to utter even a soft whimper. The intruder grabs the pillow from underneath your head and begins using it as a deadly weapon. He covers your face before you are able to stop him.

Instinctively, you grab his arms in an attempt to throw him off. You’re strong but he’s stronger, much stronger. Frantically, you punch him with your fists. Unfortunately, his grip on the pillow does not budge. Panic is occupying every cell in your body. The more you fight the weaker you become. You’re literally fighting to breath but more importantly you’re fighting to live. At this moment your only focus is on survival. Yes or yes?

Okay, take a deep breath now. The story is over! You’re safe! My point? What a GREAT question! I’m so glad you asked. I’m asking YOU, to COMMIT to being happy with the SAME amount of energy and focus that you NEED to BREATHE!

A few years ago, I shared this analogy with a close relative. When I finished, he looked at me and said, “I guess I don’t want to be happy that bad!”

My dear readers, when I made the commitment to being happy, “like my life depended on it” my life began to change INSTANTLY!!! No delayed gratification here. With YOUR commitment comes change and growth that is evident in your daily life. More importantly, your personal vibration shifts and YOU begin to attract MORE HAPPINESS!

However, if happiness is NOT a priority for you, that’s okay too. There are no judgments here. As my father, Ralph Norrington would say…“different stokes for different folks…and so on and so on and shu be do be do be!”

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