Benefits of Expressing Gratitude Daily

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We are at that time of year again when it is expected that you reflect on what you have and be thankful by expressing gratitude and by reaching out to those that are less fortunate. Well, I would like to challenge you to
develop an “Attitude of Gratitude” and get in the habit of expressing it daily, not just around the holidays!
Gratitude and Appreciation are some of the most transformative energies that are available to us. Gratitude is becoming consciously aware of all that is there for us in life, and then acknowledging the gift.

Gratitude releases a dynamic current of energy flow of the highest vibrations into the universe which magically returns to you in physical form more of what you are grateful for. When you express Gratitude for what you have – you allow the Universe to give you more. Why this works is because when you express gratitude for what you have, you put YOURSELF in a frame of mind – one that’s of joy and expectancy. Because you now focus on what you HAVE rather than what you DON’T HAVE, the energy you’re sending out is I HAVE A LOT. And in return the Law of Attraction has to reciprocate by giving you A LOT MORE. What you send out boomerangs right back to you, so it’s important to keep your focus on what you want! These concepts are taken from Rhonda Byrnes’s book “The Secret”, but realize that The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law and has been around a long, long time!

*Expressing GRATITUDE daily takes you out of the mind set of fear, lack and scarcity and puts you in the mind set of prosperity and abundance.

*Science has proven that people who express their GRATITUDE daily are 25% happier and significantly healthier than those who don’t. What a wonderful way to uplift your spirits! And without drugs!

I encourage you all to make a Gratitude and Appreciation list(s) by using the letters of the alphabet as a guide. Have fun with it!


I am grateful for my positive ATTITUDE

I am grateful for our nearby BEACHES

I am grateful that I am a CARING person and that I have CARING people in my life…

Now, that you get the idea, how about making your own list? Fill your heart with GRATITUDE and watch the miracles happen.

I have been expressing my gratitude daily and focusing on what IS working in my life rather than focusing on what I don’t have and what is not working for many years and I am happy to report that it has made a significant and profound impact in my life. Utilizing this tool daily allows me to remain in the mind set of prosperity and abundance which facilitates my ability to attract more abundance into my life. It takes you away from fear and reacting to situations in desperation and allows you to focus and take inspired actions toward achieving your goals. As I re-read my list from year to year, I recognize the tremendous value of documenting one’s gratitude. It is an excellent tool to measure how much one has grown in just one year. It is at the top of my list as a tangible tool for my clients to become more proactive in their lives. It allows you to shift out of negativity into positivity.

To get you started go to this great site and sign up for your free account and start posting what you are grateful for everyday. It only takes but a few minutes. You can invite friends to join
you or you can keep your posts private – it’s your choice.

Remember, when you are GRATEFUL for what you have in your life right at this moment, it opens your heart up to receiving more. Make a conscious choice to focus and be grateful for the abundance that is present in your
life now.

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